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There is so much going on in the world that effects our sphere of influence: in ourselves internally + our communities. We wanted FringeLife to be a resource for those looking to learn more about their energy + healing + the world outside of our own.

A friend of Fringe: Patricia Maher lives in New York City and is both a homeopathic practician + an astrologer. With 40 + years of experience we are thankful to have her monthly astrology forecast included as part of our practice in our online zine.

Here is her June 2020 monthly read:

Venus retrograde is throwing down! Mercury will be in retrograde June 17th.

Venus retrograde brings us back to our values. This is all happening while Pluto in Capricorn returns to its same location in the chart of the United States, the so-called “Pluto return.” 

This is the first return of Pluto we have experienced as a nation, and it’s revealing our shadow side, our core wounds that go back to the founding of the US, the inextricable  link between racism and class inequity.  

We are also still under the penumbra of the Saturn - Pluto conjunction of the last year and a half, a conjunction which every astrologer on the planet knew would bring transformation through the fall or destruction of systems in some shape or form.

Now it is the Movement for Black Lives and we are in the midst of a national uprising for racial justice. 

I wish for an end to racism, for peace and healing of the trauma of the past 400 years.  We need Pluto and Saturn and Venus retrograde to help us do that level of transformation.

Remember– Pluto has a heart center– you can see it in this image. This crisis we are in is all about our hearts. 

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Learn more about Patricia Maher + read more about your sign’s forecast for the month here.

See you next month + wishing you health,

Fringe + Friends

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