Our Mission

Fringe Salon NY. Expert balayage hair, lived-in hair styles. Female owned salon NYC. Specializing in curly hair..

Our mission at Fringe is to provide an open and ever-changing space in which stylists, artists and clients can work together to create not just better hair, but an overall better sense of purpose, self worth and personal accomplishment. Though this unique working relationship, our stylists work with clients on a very personal level to achieve their ideas about a positive image.

By allowing a democratic and collective environment to flourish amongst the management, stylists and clients themselves, Fringe constantly evolves to meet the needs of and desires of everyone involved in our salon. At Fringe, we strive to use the world around us and the collective consciousness of New Yorkers as a constant source of inspiration. 

We believe taking action towards sustainability and social justice is important for the beauty industry. From recycling hair, to recycling our color containers, we are doing our part. Visit our hair salons to learn more.