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A Five Minute Free Meditation with Brogan Ganley

When we discovered Brogan’s meditations, we loved them so much that we asked Brogan if she would offer a free meditation to share with Fringe Clients and Friends as an offering of love from us.

Her meditations are like taking a little break from life, where you can focus on you and your breathing. A mini-vacation from the chaos of the world. 

We all know sometimes it's hard to sit and breathe, but doing this allows you room to grow and heal, and your body makes aligned adjustments that heal your nervous system.

Meditation also stays with you all day. Starting your day by reflecting on your true essence and loving energy will help you be more present. It will help you make more intentional choices for yourself, like eating healthy food, remembering to wear your mask and & wash your hands, and also maybe taking a breath before you decide to tell that certain person what you really think. Lol 

We are just sharing some of our favorite ways to ground ourselves. The meditations by Brogan teach something so essential to nurture your being .

Listen now:

More meditations with Brogan

Brogan hosts guided meditations via Zoom on Mondays at 8:30 am, a great way to start your week, and on Thursdays at 11:30 am. You just pay a donation of what you can, suggestion is $10-$30 dollars. 

Check out more of Brogans meditations on her website. She offers a free 20-minute meditation that is just so awesome to help you relax and get grounded. She also will record personalized guided meditations. This is wonderful if you want to work on something more particular or want to go deeper in your meditation journey. It can also be helpful for kids in the evening as a part of bedtime/ chill routine.


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