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Hey Hair Babes!

Who’s in need of some PRO hair love?!

I’m sure the struggle is real but in the meantime let me lay down some realness for ya! For my introductory post, I’d like to connect on how to currently deal with these hair moods and ways we can improve our hair language for future visits. 

Funky, Confused, Sassy or just plain Weird, this inside time has put our hair in some kind of mood. Don’t go full blown Britney on me just yet (Leave Britney alone!!).

Take this time to Cleanse, Condition and let your hair (self) breathe. 

Let me tell you, mine has been Thirsty AF!

Ellie Before & After Hair Health

So here’s what I do to cope :

I’m a once a week washer. Currently I am alternating Redken Clean Maniac for clarifying and Kendra Dandruff Shampoo for dry, itchy scalp. Then condition with Pureology Strength Cure to keep strands nourished a strong. I’ll leave some conditioner in on thirstier days. 

Go-to products as of late have been:

  • R & Co High Dive - adds moisture and shine 

  • AG Rosehip Balm - (My fav!!) a versatile product that conditions and seals cuticle which makes air drying more manageable. This can be used on wet or dry hair. 

I’m loving most of the AG hair care products in general. They are clean and there’s something for every moppy mood!

So here I go:

Flip hair over, emulsify product in hands and rake through starting from the ends upwards. Then I squeeze continuously to create wave pattern. 

Wrap with microfiber hair towel to lift and control drying process. 


As you can see I love my the Rosehip Balm and squeezing out every last drop!

Once most moisture has been absorbed, you can add a little bit more product to your ends to polish. Then I like to clip up away from my face to finish drying and bc I love me a fun little bun!

Hair Health curl - rose balm

Here’s a pic once fully dried. Soft and happy wavy baby!

Curl Healthy Hair Natural

Mood like? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” 

Here’s a DIY hair treatment for dullness:

Mix and apply equal parts of honey, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. 

This will balance moisture and create shine. 

So whatever the hair ‘tude, don’t overwhelm yourself with product. Keep a simple hair routine and create some go-to hair styles. 

Real Talk -

For your future visits, let’s prepare some hair language.

Over a decade behind the chair, it’s been my goal to help translate every clients desired look they are wanting to achieve over each visit. In any attempt, a picture is always necessary. 

So the first and main question I’ll have for your visual is:

    “What do you like about this?”

You’d be surprised how often they will point out a certain key element and not the idea entirely. This is why I call it hair inspo!

So, let’s customize. Whether it’s length, shape, texture, or variations of color, analyzing a hair want prior to an appointment can save time and risk of confusion. 

In a hair rut?

For guidance and direction, ask yourself:

“What do I like about my hair?”

“What do I dislike?”

“Who do you think matches your hair personality? 

No matter the case, it’s always important to be direct, honest and open. This enables your stylist to develop a plan of action with successful results!

So let’s 

keep it real,

keep it simple 

and happy hair days ahead!

Ellie xoxo

— Ellie is a stylist at Fringe Salon, Lower East Side. Follow her on instagram

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