we all need an energy cleanse about now : daily meditation

sun, healing

Join us in morning meditation.

Each day is a new mood + a new beginning. Let’s bring some stability + cleansing to our days.

Fringe Salon wanted to bring you a way to cleanse our equilibrium daily from our dear friends + creative partners reikiTOGETHER.

Could we possibly have known of the unrelenting upsets that have thrown our lives off balance these past few months? It feels like we are reeling with overwhelm.

Through all the turmoil + upset we are even deprived of a gentle handshake and shielded from a smile beneath medical masks.

Each of us have to reach deeper inside for energy we never thought we could find, it’s important to sustain, nourish, and protect ourselves.

This is our moment, and we have to rise to meet it.

Refresh your own equilibrium every New York morning as you stand to restore balance in the world.

ReikiTOGETHER is offering a free 30 minute daily guided mediation: beginning at 7:00 am EDT. Start the healing process from within.

We hope you can join us.


More information about our creative partner, reikiTOGETHER, coming soon.

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