Be A Lover: keep going, Konstance.

& her mission to create beauty in New York and the world when things were looking pretty grim, we were all connected.

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Amy Schiappa, owner + founder of Fringe Salon messaged Konstance the first week she had seen her goddess painted on the boards in Soho on instagram. Amy hadn’t been in Manhattan for almost two months let alone been able to open the doors the salon quite yet.

Everything felt uncertain. Amy asked her if she wanted to do an art show with live music, and she said “yes let’s talk tomorrow in person.”

They met on Broome St, and began to share their experiences. They decided to do a live music show right on the street + she was going to ask her friend to play. Honeychild who has been in LES punk rock scene and they just happened to know a lot of the same people.

It felt like community. 

We decided not to invite people : it was too risky and we felt it was more for people passing through. And, we wanted it to be organic but we needed an extension cord for the mic.


After that day, everything felt brighter: it was like knowing that we needed to keep going as artists, as humans: and to know that there is beauty out there.

Broome Street was beautiful that day.

Konstance’s message to “Be A Lover” is the heart opener of all heart openers.

Her work can be seen at the Soho Renaissance Factory : the walls were donated to her crew to share their work with New York and to follow the thread of healing and making the world a better place.


Thank you for sharing your light with us,

xo Fringe Salon

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