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Since 2004, we have been telling you, our clients, to put down your scissors and call us for free bang trims in between your full services. Now for the first time, I am going to tell you how to cut your own bangs at home. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Emotional bang trim”  was a phrase coined by my best friend and I growing up. It seems pretty self explanatory, but it actually has two definitions:

  1. The act of cutting one’s hair for the sake of sudden change, and to have control over one's identity.

  2. When you actually don’t need or want your hair any shorter, but you want to sit in the salon chair, talk to your stylist, be listened to, and be soothed. (I will explain in a later post about the healing technique that I believe happens during a haircut from touching your third eye chakra and crown chakra.) 

Do you identify with either of these? If so, you can decide what's best for you.

Let me tell you - if there was ever a time to give yourself an emotional bang trim, it would be about now. I have so many feelings about this subject that I could write a book about it, and I think it is time to give you some guidance for cutting your own hair - especially since we won't be doing bang trim appointments in the salon, at first.

If it helps to think of this as a ritual, go for it! New moon, full moon…  set intention and let go of what no longer serves you. If this doesn't connect with you, it's totally cool too, let's get down to business.

Start by finding a decent pair of scissors.

Cuticle scissors from your cabinet or any sharp scissors will work. If you don’t have a pair in your house, you can find many affordable options online.

You will also need a comb, a ponytail holder, and to be sitting in front of a mirror.

You are going to want to begin by pulling back all the hair you don't want to cut, and by pulling out and forward, all the bang hair in your face frame that you want to trim. Make sure that you have the hair you “don't want to cut” neatly secured in your ponytail. Begin to comb the hair you want to cut forward over your forehead.

Desired length is important.

I would say, use your face to find your desired length. It can be at your lips, the tip of your nose, the bridge of your nose, or the middle of your eyebrows.

Secure your bang hair with a small rubber band there, pictured below:

Point cut” your bangs.

This means always holding the scissors vertically, not horizontally. Your scissors are pointing upward to the bang line they are creating by biting or chewing up onto the desired length til it feels pretty straight. This technique will create softness in your fringe.

Remove the pony tail holder.

Your bangs should be your desired length. Comb all the hair to either side - left to right, right to left - to trim any excess.

How do you feel?

Give it a day or two for you to relax into the new length. My hair seems to want to get up and dance after a cut and takes a moment to relax and settle into its place.

So, I hope you enjoyed this mini lesson on how to trim your bangs at home.

I hope it helps. I definitely enjoy connecting with all of you.

Sending all of you love and we can't wait to see your beautiful faces in person.


- Amy Schiappa is a stylist and the owner of Fringe Salon, Lower East Side & Brooklyn.

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