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Hi, I’m Samantha Gore of Samantha Gore Interiors + Design and a long-time client and soul friend of Amy’s.

During this time my interior design business has been going online with offerings for you as we all try our best to work from home while keeping it a source of inspiration for ourselves and our families.

Your home seen clearly, is the space where cultivated habits and actions take root. Here are some ideas for you now to help keep you in the flow:

Go easy on yourself : This is so important. Our homes have taken on a new role in our lives as we spend so much time there. It is natural for things to get messy and pain points to appear. By keeping, at minimum, one area purely decorative will provide pleasure. This could be any corner or shelf where you can stake its claim.

Objects and accessories are not “clutter” when they are thoughtfully arranged. Moreover, they reduce clutter, with deliberate placement and pretty things to convey this is not another area where it's okay to leave everyday debris strewn over its surface.

the altar: built in my home.

the altar: built in my home.

So build yourself an altar and place on it special mementos for divine inspiration. Feel free to change it seasonally or whenever the mood strikes.

An organized work zone - If you’re working from your dining table - orany table, in any room for that matter - use a tray or a cool box to store your work materials at the end of the day. This object can easily be moved aside, freeing up your table and your brain for dinner or a different project, simply getting all that stuff out of sight!

freeing up space for creative inspiration to hit.

freeing up space for creative inspiration to hit.

Notebooks for your genius ideas, rather than loose paper, can reduce clutter significantly. Let a cleared space - and the act of clearing a space - encourage you back to the present moment.

Have a Zoom Room - Just kidding with the Room bit, but a spot with a pulled together background, where you know you look good, will add to your own sense of credibility and actual productivity for those relevant virtual conversations. Warm lighting and sitting up straight can help tremendously.

the work space, with lovely light + easily reorganized.

the work space, with lovely light + easily reorganized.

And if this is not an option, a large roll of masking or duct tape as a phone stand is a surprisingly great hack to get you a flattering camera angle. In both cases sit further away from your computer than you usually do - as if you were across the table from the other person rather than nose to nose through the screen.

Set up smooth pivoting between household mode and work mode to bring quicker, deeper focus.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to have eyes on your space, reach out and say the word.

I’m offering an easy and inexpensive way to make your living spaces look and feel better. My expertise and practice is connecting with home - so we can live better, more fully, and with joy.

Together, we’ll have a personalized 1 hour private chat. We’ll refine what’s working for you, clarify what isn’t, and discuss design options. You will come away with actionable concepts and ideas to restyle, update, and improve your space with what you have on hand.

All for $50.

Two Additional Options to Help You Love Where You Live:

1. A follow up with a room-by-room design plan and select items ($250)

2. A full virtual mini makeover ($600)

And, because Loving Where You Live is about supporting our communities as well as taking care of ourselves, we’ll be donating 10% of all Virtual Video Refresh proceeds to the New York Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund.




Litter the tabletop with vases of fresh cut flowers and fresh fruit or your favorite candles. Make the time you spend at the table a pleasant one. ⁣


The sound in our homes is equally important as keeping yourself comfortable while at this temporary work zone. Use the perfect playlist for getting focused and invest in high quality headphones. ⁣


For date night or just family dinner, keep the area clear of work. It's nice to put that stuff away and really force yourself to keep things to a minimum. ⁣

Thank you for reading + supporting our new creative partner + friend of Fringe: Samantha Gore Designs. We can’t wait to share her tips + tricks + inspiration with you all.

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